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Hop hop hooray, it’s Easter weekend. I am so excited about going away, to just leave the house and fridge behind for five whole days is my summit moment of the last few weeks.  When you’ve had constant mini men around your feet and begging you for food 24/7 some dedicated time away with friends and husband in tow is just what the good doctor, and in our case naturopath, nutritionist and kinesiologist have all ordered. To go though is quite the mammoth task. Therefore, I thought it might be of use to some other GAPSland occupants if I detailed how we do it, so here goes. I have realised that I’ve also not yet mentioned the follow up from the Enema post, again my procrastination is working well for me again. Righto quick summary, it was actually not nearly as bad as I thought! Truly it was much easier than my shaky nerves would have imagined and my big bloated tummy disappeared pretty much straight away and for about half a day I felt really amazing actually. Really peaceful and good. After that the tiredness and semi anxiety started to kick in again so I’m guessing I just need to try it again to really get the innards cleaned out of all those yucky toxins. Ummm… Can’t wait.

Back to it then, road trip time. Before we head off today I’m off to our integrative GP to get Samuel’s test results for his recent blood tests. I’m a bit of a nerd and love these appointments to really get into the nitty gritty of what’s going on. Are pyrolles an issue (as they are with me), does he have heavy metal issues that are affecting his zinc absorption? Hopefully I can get some answers so I can decide where to from here. He’s still been reacting or detoxing (red spots on his chin, ruddy cheeks, some obvious behavioural reactions) so we’ve been sticking around stage 3 for a couple of weeks now. We did have one ‘cheat’ meal a few weeks ago at my Nan’s birthday party (we only ate some grilled lamb and steamed veggies) and that night he was awake from 10pm-12am really distressed and irritable, he didn’t want blankets on and would want me to lie next to him, then he’d start hitting at me to get out again). We decided the next day that he was absolutely not ready for stage 4 (the grilled meats stage), however now I’m also thinking that his reaction could’ve been due to the sensorial overload from the amount of people and noise at the party – see the detective hat is always well and truly on! So I’ll be chatting with the good doctor today about this and more to see whether we progress or stay in Stage 3 for a while longer. Bryce and I also tried our first grilled meat meal last Friday and the funny thing was, is that we both missed the stock soup bowl meal! After six weeks of eating the same meal, with variation for breakfast, lunch and dinner we missed it! Something that on starting Intro I never thought would happen. I was so terrified of having ‘soup’ for weeks and yet here we are missing it.

Third time lucky on the road trip planning. I’m good at getting distracted, my husband tells me regularly! … This is getting quite comical as I had to rush off to said doctor’s appointment and I have some news to share, I will get to the packing list promise. Just grab a cuppa, I have, it could take a while. A few weeks ago we did some testing on our little Sammy and no surprise he has polyuria like me though his is a bit higher than mine and he also has way too much copper in his lil body. We now have a great plan of action to combat those issues for him which is hopeful and to be honest what I needed. I do love a good plan, though on Monday I was ready to give up. For the first time since starting GAPS I was so overwhelmed and purely exhausted, we’d been out twice on the weekend and both times I’d spent hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning so we could go. By Monday I was done. Exhausted, spent, out of steam. Today I pulled back into the proverbial station and refuelled and we’re off again. How funny how life does that to us, takes us to the brink and then slowly, surely, gently brings us back again. I’ve just read a quote recently on Pinterest, I have no idea who wrote it but I love it, Mama’s this one is for you;

It’s ok to be a glow stick; sometimes we need to break before we shine

Monday I broke, today I got to shine. Fiona said that GAPS is working really well for Samuel that his spectrum signs are disappearing and she is incredibly encouraged by his progress. He most definitely would’ve ended up on Ritalin due to his copper levels.  This creates ADHD type behaviour along with aggression and the behavioural implications of that is that it’s not ‘him’, it doesn’t define who he is, it’s an imbalance that when restored will allow him to shine and be the boy and man he was created to be. So all this effort, this cooking, this cleaning, these tears are inspired. They are the healing nectar for him and for me. She said the difference for his life going forward will be so immense, these words I must say are so incredible to here, why then when I hear them do I feel numb? Maybe it’s a silent relief, maybe exhaustion and maybe because I’m his Mum and that’s what I do. I don’t see it as special or amazing, I see it as necessary.

Rightio, now my cuppa is full of sobs, we are still heading off tomorrow so here are a few things I’ve done to try and aid our transition to a GAPS holiday:

  • Make frozen meals ahead of time so we can have ‘take away’ meals most nights we are away
  • Have lots of stock on hand – I’ve got about 10 jars of stock to take with us so we’re not having to cook it whilst away
  • Condiments – I’ve made ghee, sunflower butter and have activated seeds, milled seeds into sunflower seed meal, pre-chopped veggies, pâte & stewed apple all ready to go with us that I’ve made over the last few days
  • Thermos’ – I’ve packed all our thermos’ ready to go so we can have heaps of lunches on the go and get out and explore!
  • Remedies – I have made up a spray bottle filled with filtered water, Epsom salts and Vitamin C Ascorbic powder to spray on the boys before and after swimming and taken a large bag of Epsom salts for detox baths every night
  • Utensils & Appliances – I took my Thermomix, spatula’s, soup ladle, a sharp knife, a large solidteknics pan (or large saucepan), extra stock jars, a tablespoon measure and our own dishwashing and laundry liquid

There you have it! All the preplanning just means that we can get down there and enjoy ourselves a whole lot more, get outside for walks and to the beach rather than being in the kitchen. I must finish off the rest of the packing now, so have a most fabulous Easter weekend and sayonara for now.

…as life has it, in the busyness of trying to go away I never quite got around to finishing posting this one, I have however decided to still post, even though we’ve been away already as I learnt a few pointers whilst away that will definitely help our trip next time. These are:

  • Take my own utensils. Even though I’ve added them in above, I didn’t take a ladle, a wooden spoon or a sharp knife so we had to go out and buy all of these
  • Research great suppliers before you get there. We had access to a great butcher and fresh fish shop that we were able to collect supplies from on the way down that helped us to keep up the quality of food we were eating whilst away
  • A good size space. We booked the trip with our friends last year and thought that going to a caravan park would be a great idea with all the amenities. However, you spend so much time prepping food in early GAPS we found that having the small cabin space worked against us as the boys would just get fidgety and it didn’t allow for a good social interaction with our friends. For the first three days we were also both unsure as to how to approach the whole food thing (with our boys not being able to eat so much food we kept to our cabin and them to theirs at meal times to try and avoid awkward food situations. Finally, on the fourth night we all ate dinner outside together which was fantastic and then we wondered what took us so long! It also helps that they were eating similarly to us, they were incredibly supportive (we even did a plastic egg with toy hunt for all the kids rather than chocolate!), so next year we’ve decided to all get a big house, let the kids run crazy and we can all cook together! I would say that you’d only want to consider the sharing option whilst in early GAPS if you have supportive friends, if they had a very different eating ethos to you I’d imagine it’d create too much angst and stress with young children
  • Stress less! I was quite worried about how to approach Easter as we are only on stage 3/4 where chocolate isn’t allowed! (Plus its high histamine so a double no no for us right now). Instead I went out and bought the boys Lego and put a big bow around the different boxes and placed them at the end of some rabbit footprints! They thought it was fabulous and Jack asked if next year after GAPS Intro they can have a chocolate egg, to which I replied, ‘Yes, of course!’ and he was ok. We also did the egg hunt with all the signs and little parcels of plastic eggs with toys wrapped in cellophane and you know what, they loved it and didn’t talk about the missed chocolate. I also made some of my apple jellies into egg shapes and some sunflower seed hot cross muffins (with apple pieces on top for the cross) and so they were ok. I didn’t make a big fuss over not having chocolate and I think that worked well in the end for them
  • Focus on the fun moments. With GAPS and traveling the everyday routine is still there. You still have to cook and clean and peel and stew apples all day and night, so instead of focusing on what you can’t do, or where you can’t be, I found (after some soppy moments) that I needed to focus on the fun moments we had out and about (visits to the beach, walks to the park, or beautiful country drives) and then just let the other routine bits happen along the way rather than becoming the focus of the day. I used, seeing other people eat want they want as fuel to keep me going thinking that next Easter I will have freedom because I am staying focused now. My husband tells me his favourite quote from Jim Rohn is,

“success is simply a few simple disciplines practiced daily”…

that’s what I’m learning to be true about GAPS success as initially it was overwhelming.



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    April 1, 2016

    Andrea, you’re an inspiration. Write Fiona’s feedback on a post-it note and stick it somewhere so you can read it when you next need a bit of a boost. You’re doing such an amazing job xx

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      April 7, 2016

      Jacqui thank you for that great idea, I really love that! We too often forget in the everyday how far we’ve come…

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