Enema’s and Breakdown’s

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This post is a little different. I have some catching up to do from my Stage 3 blog post that I haven’t gotten to yet, no idea why really, maybe cooking and kids and hubbies just to name a few but whose counting?! I sat down this morning after another mammoth cook up, for one meal, and instead of loading a recipe I felt like writing, so I did and here it is. No take-away’s, no finesse, no pictures, just life today in beautiful, sunny, with a chance of crappiness GAPSland. 

Today I am tired. Really tired. I’ve actually just had a bit of a sob, and after makeup too, I didn’t plan that well did I. Trying to be the captain of the family health ship is depleting at times and I’ve just hit a wall. Can I announce to everyone that I’ve scurvy and lock myself away in a cabin for a week, please? I’ve had some racing adrenal issues for the past two weeks, last weeks were ridiculous, some of the worst I’ve ever had. I actually can’t see properly most days at the moment my eyes are so blurry from tiredness and detox – yes the eye’s push a detox too! I upped my orange carbs last week (pumpkin and carrot) as we’d stepped back from them due to Candida issues which seemed to clear a bit of the candida but it sent Jack and I into adrenal stress, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds it just means our adrenals were working way too hard to keep up. I decided to ignore the candida eradication for the time being and bring back some carbs to rest our adrenals a little. Thanks Mary 😉 This has helped immensely.

Listening to your gut, pardon the very obvious pun, is really so important on this journey and when I listen and it works it confirms this even more for me.

I think I may be overdoing the other veg as to try and introduce some extra nutrients into our diet for the past week I’ve added in some broccoli, zucchini and a little bit of carrot which are all either moderate or high salicylate and my instinct is I may need to pull back a little to reduce the salicylate load, hence the stressed adrenal feeling for both Samuel and I. I’ve also pulled Jack off egg’s again, his eyes were still really puffy and he was getting so emotional and overtired and he seems to be really picking up again as he’s been off them for four days now and there’s a great improvement emotionally his eyes are a lot less puffy. That’s the only thing with GAPS or a healing protocol, you’re on 24/7! Always looking, seeking, researching, questioning signs and symptoms; is it a detox reaction, is it an intolerance, it’s a constant internal thought version of Millionaire Hot Seat – so many questions and you only know half the answers!

I’m thinking heavy metals and inflammation are an issue for us also so I’m seeing Fiona, our integrative GP in the next few weeks and I’m really keen to discuss this with her and so in the meantime might hold back on the highly inflammatory foods such as nuts to keep any extra issues at bay. Moving on from inflammation to expansion, we weighed the boys again today. Six and a half weeks ago Jack was sitting, or standing at 18.5kg and Samuel was 15kg. Today,  Jack was 21kg and Samuel 17kg! Considering a few weeks ago Jack particularly was losing his pants almost daily due to his fast weight decrease this is a hugely encouraging sign, probably one I needed to see today too. The fact they are putting on such healthy weight with eating no starch and grains is so encouraging as it means that its nutritious, satiating weight rather than bloated weight.

We got out today for some family time, which was so great as of course I’ve been feeling horrendous Mama guilt over having no quality time to give or spend with them at the moment. It feels like I’m constantly in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning up, bottling up, serving up and then starting again, so to run and chase and play ‘cops and robbers’ was incredibly cathartic today. And showed me how unfit I am!

I have the strongest call to nature at the moment, no not to pee, I realised how dodgy that sounded as I writing it. A pull to be in nature, the tree’s, the beach, living, breathing, anything. I heard the other week that this can be really normal when you’re going through an intense healing protocol, that your body will crave what you need and considering I’m craving it almost to the point of obsession I can safely say I think I need some nature time. When though, I have no idea, life is so busy but I’m going to try and make it somewhere beautiful next weekend to restore my soul a little.

Ok I am really procrastinating, I’m very good at that. You see I have been putting off (and off) trying my first GAPS enema. Grose. There I said it. Apparently these are the ‘in thing’ to do for Intro and pretty much for six weeks I’ve had a hold up downstairs, back passage, you got it right and I’m feeling pretty off physically and mentally.  As I was typing it actually occurred to me that this may be more of an issue than the sals foods reactions right now so it’s time to take the plunge, gosh is that too much?! I’m going to give it a red hot go and see if it makes any difference to the way I’m feeling. I have a slight (cough cough) paranoia about it so I warn you, it may not be successful! I don’t know how people do them on children, this is the next step as I think Sammy would really benefit but lets not get too ahead of ourselves yet, right? One.step.at.a.time, or one hose at a time. So on that happy note, I’m off. Let’s see how this goes.

Stop the press. You have to do it in the morning. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to sleep instead tonight, pity that.



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    March 23, 2016

    I just love a good stream of consciousness writing about a topic that could be from my journal only it is refreshingly SOMEONE ELSES thoughts. So nice to hear from another headspace. It is all those things and more that make GAPS such a battle. The constant internal ‘is this right, is this working’ and assessing assessing assessing researching cooking reflecting. Then repeat. Makes me crazy. Then the mum guilt over being such an over-worked grump. And 1000 other things. As for the enemas just go for it! They are nothing. But if you’re nervous go and do colonic irrigation instead. It gets you used to the whole idea without being in any way a participant haha! Plus they work way better than an enema so could be a great starting point. xxx

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      April 7, 2016

      Ah great idea Katie! I love the idea of removing my input from the equation… How great is doing this journey together, it’s what keeps us keeping on some days x

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