Welcome to My Little Pear Tree…

Where did I come up with the name, My Little Pear Tree? 

This for me is an easy one, we have been doing the RPAH (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) elimination diet for the past 14 months and on this particular diet our only fruit options have been either peeled golden or red delicious apples or peeled pear.

Pear was our favourite!

The pear tree is a truly beautiful tree that spreads its branches high and wide and thus for me it was the perfect symbol of our merging from RPAH to GAPS and the hope and vitality that was to come with that. So, it became so.

What About Me?

I am a 35-year-old Mama, wife, friend, outdoors lover, learning to surf enthusiast who is a bit of health and food nut. I LOVE wholefoods, markets, fresh food, traveling, long dinners with friends and of course my family.

I’ve one husband (a little bit gorgeous) and two little munchkins, Jack (four, soon to be five Mummy!) and Samuel whose just turned three. I was born and bred in Melbourne and have also lived in Queensland, Japan and London. I’m currently super keen to visit Tahiti, Hawaii and the Netherlands, actually pretty much anywhere a plane would take my today, did I mention I love travel?!

Thank you for joining my family on our as we embark upon our inaugural GAPS (Gut and Psychological Syndrome) journey, I am so excited to have you along for the ride with me. 

Love, Andrea 

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